Why is the automobile wiring harness known as the "vessel" of the car?


Why is the automobile wiring harness known as the "vessel" of the car? In the process of the continuous popularization of automobiles, the overall quality and performance of automobiles are also rising at a high level. Among them, the automobile wiring harness is a particularly critical part.

automobile wiring harness

Automobile wiring harness is the part of the wiring connection system in the whole automobile parts. It is known as the “blood vessel” of the automobile. The reason why the automobile wire is called the “blood vessel” of the automobile is because it is the central nervous system of a car. The on-board computer is connected with various related functions on the vehicle.

Automobile wiring harness is the content and quantity of electronic technology in the car, which has gradually become an important index for evaluating the performance of the car. Due to its importance, the performance requirements of the automotive wiring harness itself are very strict. Common performances include high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, scratch resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature winding resistance, aging resistance, and ozone resistance, Anti-extended burning and so on.

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